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Totally Wild Seasoning has a line up of outstanding breadings, seasonings and Jerky Cures to fit anyones taste. With 16 different flavors we are sure to have exactly what your are looking for to turn a regular meal into something wild. Everything has it's beginning and for Totally Wild Seasoning we began with our well known All Purpose Fish and Wild Game Breading. A favorite across the midwest for anyone who loves to eat fish, our All Purpose Fish and Wild Game breading quickly put us on the map and became much more than a fish fry breading. People are using it on everything these days and we love getting the amazing recipes our customers send us!

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Fried Turkey Seasoning Quick view

Fried Turkey Seasoning

Fried Turkey Seasoning This seasoning is a wonderful dry mixture of spices made specially for frying turkeys. You add the water or beer to the spices to create your own injectable marinade. You mix...