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Vegetable Goose Leg Soup

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Vegetable Goose Leg Soup

Half dozen goose legs and thighs
3 or 4 stalks of celery
2 onions
1 turnip
3 carrots
3 potatoes
1 bag of corn
1 bag of green beans
couple hand fulls of macaroni
1 or 2 cans crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato juice
and whatever else you have on hand to throw in the pot
1/4 to 1/2 head of cabbage

1 or 2 bay leaves
celery seasoning
poultry seasoning
Crystal hot sauce
salt and pepper
2 cloves of garlic

Boil the goose legs in a couple three quarts of water along with a little bit of the vegetables and some of the above seasonings until goose is tender. De-bone the goose and strain the broth. Throw everything above back into the broth along with the seasonings and cook a couple of hours. Of course, you want peel and chop your veggies and don't throw in the macaroni until you are about done cooking. You can put about anything you want in this and it will turn out good. Adjust the seasonings to your liking and add a few others if you want.

Recipe by Steve Paris,Wapello, IA