Bagged Seasonings

  • Fish & Seafood Boil Cajun Seasoning Quick view

    Fish & Seafood Boil Cajun Seasoning

    Fish & Seafood Boil Cajun Seasoning This cajun boil is perfect for fish, crawfish, shrimp or crabs. Catfisherman love this boil as an alternative to frying catfish. Just add an 8 ounce package to a gallon of boiling water. Boil fish for about 5...

  • Gumbo Mix Quick view

    Gumbo Mix

    Gumbo Mix Mix this Gumbo base with up to 5 lbs. of your favorite game, fish and vegetables and add up to 4 quarts water. Our personal favorite is to add 3 lbs. cooked duck or goose breasts cut up into small pieces. Add 1 lb. smoked sausage of your...

  • Fried Turkey Seasoning Quick view

    Fried Turkey Seasoning

    Fried Turkey Seasoning This seasoning is a wonderful dry mixture of spices made specially for frying turkeys. You add the water or beer to the spices to create your own injectable marinade. You mix 2 ounces or 1/3 of the bag with 1 cup of the liquid of...